The first bite of a friend’s homegrown tomatoes is the clarion call to gardening for many people. The flavor is incomparable and it lingers in our memories through the long winter days. And so begins the epic journey of devotion that is growing tomatoes. Native to the dry highlands of Peru, these plants are rather sensitive to the growing conditions found in much of the US, requiring some extra vigilance by the grower to mitigate plant diseases. Generally, they prefer good air flow from sturdy trellising and low humidity, although there are many varieties that have been selected to perform well under different conditions. The plants are either determinate, or indeterminate. On determinate plants the fruits ripen at one time and don’t necessarily need to be staked. Indeterminate plants continue growing until frost with fruit ripening until the plant dies. Nutrients: dietary fiber, vitamins A, C and K, potassium, manganese.

Cherry Tomato

  • Black Cherry

  • Brown Berry

  • Chadwick Cherry, ORGANIC

  • Cherry Sweetie, ORGANIC

  • Matt’s Wild Cherry, ORGANIC

  • Tiny Tim, ORGANIC

  • Yellow Pear

Special Use Tomatoes

  • Amish Paste, ORGANIC

  • Opalka

  • Principe Borghese

  • Roma

  • San Marzano

  • Speckled Roman, ORGANIC


  • Muscovitch

  • Old Virginia, ORGANIC

  • Abe Lincoln, ORGANIC

  • Arkansas Traveler, ORGANIC

  • Aunt Ruby’s German Green, ORGANIC

  • Black From Tula

  • Black Krim

  • Brandywine Yellow, ORGANIC

  • Cherokee Green, ORGANIC

  • Chocolate Stripes

  • Cosmonaut Volkov, ORGANIC

  • Dr. Wyche’s, ORGANIC

  • Garden Peach, ORGANIC

  • Green Zebra, ORGANIC

  • Hillbilly, ORGANIC

  • Homestead

  • Mortgage Lifter

  • Mountain Princess, ORGANIC

  • Mr. Stripey

  • New Big Dwarf, ORGANIC

  • Paul Robeson

  • Persimmon

  • Brandywine Pink, ORGANIC

  • Tomato, Plum Lemon

  • Cherokee Purple, ORGANIC

  • Rutgers VF

  • Snowball

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    Queen Aliquippa

  • Striped German

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    Vinson Watts
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