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40 packets of our best-selling and best performing varieties, chosen for those of us with less than 1/3 an acre to garden on. Everything you will need to eat well seasonally, and can, dry, and ferment enough food to cut your food bills drastically! Retail value is over $116, a savings of 31%!

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Whether stocking up to prepare for a potential food crisis or looking for a convenient way to purchase seed, our Sow True Seed Readiness Collections offer the best quality, value, and variety. All three sizes contain the most vigorous, reliable and easy to re-save seeds we offer. Designed to be easy to transport and store, these collections contain 40 varieties of non-hybrid vegetable seeds packaged in sturdy, airtight, reusable heavy duty plastic buckets with watertight lid and silica packets. Includes a planting guide, and tips for seed saving. Most types of high quality vegetable seeds will maintain good germination up to 8 years when stored in a cool, dry location with steady temperatures.

Below is a listing of what will be in the Backyard Homestead Collection.
Substitutions may be made depending on seed availability.
Arugula Arugula Pkt
Bush Beans Provider Pkt
Drying Beans Black Turtle Pkt
Pole Beans Kentucky Wonder Pkt
Beet Detroit Dark Red Pkt
Beet Early Wonder Pkt
Broccoli Waltham 29 Pkt
Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved Pkt
Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield Pkt
Carrot Danvers 126 Pkt
Carrot Tendersweet Pkt
Cauliflower Snowball Self-Blanching Pkt
Collards Champion Pkt
Dent Corn Hickory King Yellow Pkt
Sweet Corn Golden Bantam 12-row Improved Pkt
Slicing Cucumber Muncher Pkt
Eggplant Long Purple Pkt
Mustard Greens Southern Giant Curled Pkt
Kale Dwarf Siberian Pkt
Kohlrabi Purple Vienna Pkt
Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson Pkt
Lettuce Parris Island Romaine Pkt
Melon Hearts of Gold Pkt
Okra Clemson Spineless 80 Pkt
Onion Red Creole Pkt
Bunching Onion Long White Bunching Pkt
Shelling Peas Green Arrow Pkt
Snap Peas Sugar Snap Pkt
Sweet Pepper Big Red Pkt
Sweet Pepper Golden California Wonder Pkt
Hot Pepper Cayenne Long Red Thin Pkt
Radish Sparkler Pkt
Spinach Bloomsdale Long Standing Pkt
Summer Squash Black Beauty Pkt
Summer Squash Early Summer Crookneck Pkt
Winter Squash Table Queen Bush Acorn Pkt
Winter Squash Waltham Butternut Pkt
Swiss Chard Ruby Red Pkt
Tomato Amish Paste Pkt
Tomato Homestead Pkt
Watermelon Sugar Baby Pkt

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