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Groundnut - Ground Nuts


Apios americana

Found in indigenous diets from Canada to the Gulf coast, Apios americana, also known colloquially as Indian Groundnut. This perennial from the pea family produces both edible tubers and podded beans. The vines can extend up to ten feet, with multi-colored flowers resembling wisteria from July to September.

Fleshy tubers varying in size from one to eight centimeters are steamed, roasted, boiled, mashed, and can be dried then ground into a thickening powder for recipes. A bit sweeter than potatoes, but with lasting heartiness, possibly related to the high protein content -3x more than a standard potato. This tuber stock is the strain developed by LSU, LA85-034. The plant requires at least two years of growth to maturity.

Approximately 10 to 15 tubers per ounce. Tubers will be around dime to nickle sized.

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