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Phaseolus vulgaris

HEIRLOOM A bushy, productive Hutterite heirloom. The greenish-yellow seeds have a distinctive dark ring around the eye. These beans cook quickly and make a great creamy soup.
In truth, any bean can be left on the plant until the pod and seeds are dry and then later cooked up for eating. This particular selection of beans are varieties that have exceptional taste, texture, and history specifically as drying beans intended for long term storage. Without dried beans, options for protein during the lean months, after the fall harvest and before next year’s crop has matured, would be scarce. Thanks to them, many populations have made it through the winter. Nutrients: dietary fiber, protein, vitamins A and C and riboflavin.
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Average Seed / oz Seed / 100′ Row Average Yield / 100′ Row Days to Harvest
90 8 oz 40-50 lbs 85
Planting Season Ideal Soil Temp Sun Frost Tolerance
After Last Frost 75-90°F Full Sun Frost Sensitive
Sowing Method Seed Depth Direct Seed Spacing Seeds Per Packet
Direct Seed 1″ 2-4″ 50
Mature Spacing Days to Sprout Production Cycle Seed Viability
2-4″ 8-16 Annual 3-6 years
Direct seed after danger of frost in well-drained soil which has had a chance to warm up. Leave pods on plant until completely filled out. Harvest when pod is still pliable for fresh shelling beans (to be eaten immediately) or leave on plant until completely dry. Pull up entire plants and move to a protected area to finish drying on the intact plant. When fully dry and beans begin to rattle, thresh and winnow beans. Plant Seeds: 1" deep, with 2-4" spacing in rows 12-18" apart. Soil Temp: 60-80 F. Days to Sprout: 8-16 days. Companions: beets, carrots, cabbage family, radish, nasturtium. Antagonists: basil, onions, garlic, fennel, leek. Seeds/oz: 90. Seed Wt./100' Row: 8 oz. Yield/100' row: 80 lbs. Days to Harvest: 60-100 days. Seed Viability: 3-6 years.

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14 grams – Packet

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  1. 4 out of 5


    I grew Hutterite beans on a 4′ fence in 2015 and harvested twice as many as 2014
    when I didn’t use the fence The taste is very good

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