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Herb seed - Basil, Lettuce Leaf : Slow bolting large savoyed leaves.

Herb - Basil, Lettuce Leaf

Ocimum basilicum crispum

HEIRLOOM Compact plants bear large savoyed leaves 4" wide by 6" long. Leaves have an enticing aroma and their flavor is more sweet than spicy. Leaves hold their flavor well under hot growing conditions. Slow to bolt. Direct seed after danger of frost. Full sun. Annual. Basil is an aromatic, easy to grow culinary herb, with 4 species that contain over 60 varieties. Native to china, Basil has spread to the Mediterranean and around the world. O. basilicum, is best known in Italian cuisine for its use in pesto and it's fresh or dried leaves that add flavor to salads, soups and sauces. Tulsi/Sacred Basil, (O.sanctum/tenuiflorum), is gaining great popularity as a soothing herbal tea in Aryuvedic medicine. Nutrients: vitamin C, calcium, vitamin A and phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and iron. (0.2 Gram Packet) >

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Average Seed / oz Seed / 100' Row Average Yield / 100' Row Days to Harvest
18000 1 gr 40-50 lbs 65-75
Planting Season Ideal Soil Temp Sun Frost Tolerance
After Last Frost 65-85°F Full Sun Frost Sensitive
Sowing Method Seed Depth Direct Seed Spacing Seeds Per Packet
Transplant or Direct Seed 1/4" 2-4" 110
Mature Spacing Days to Sprout Production Cycle Seed Viability
10-14" 7-14 Annual 4-6 years

Site Selection

Basil is a frost sensitive annual that prefers full sun and well-drained soil.


Start basil seeds indoors 2-4 weeks before the last frost. Optimal soil temperatures for germination are 65-85°F. Transplant outdoors once the danger of frost has passed. Sow seeds ¼" deep and 2-4" apart. Seeds will germinate in 7-14 days. Thin seedlings so mature plants are 10-14" apart. Seeds can also be direct sown outdoors once the danger of frost has passed. Basil also does well in containers.


Harvest leaves frequently throughout the growing season by pinching or snipping. For a continued harvest, remove any flowers that form. Leaves can be used fresh or dried in many dishes.