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Organic Shallot- Dutch Yellow, Pre-Order Item

Shallot - Dutch Yellow (Seasonal)

Yellow Shallots are sold out for the 2018 season. Thank you!

Allium spp.

**Shallots are a pre-order item and ship as soon as they come in from the farmer: end of September until sold out**

An easy to grow variety, Dutch Yellow has coppery skin and creamy flesh. Excellent storage variety with a pungent raw flavor that mellows and sweetens when cooked. Approximately 5 heads per lb., 3-4 cloves per head.

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Bed Preparation

Choose a site with full sun and prepare bed so that soil is loose and well-draining. Shallots prefer soil with a neutral pH and high organic matter. Amend with compost.


Plant shallot sets in fall or early spring. Plant individual cloves 1" deep (so that tops are just covered) and 6" apart. Space rows 12" apart. Like garlic, each shallot clove planted yields a new cluster of shallots. For optimal yield, provide consistent moisture and keep beds weed free. To avoid rotting, water around shallots instead of directly over bulbs.


Young shallot shoots can be harvested like green onions when they are ¼" diameter. For mature shallots, wait and harvest bulbs when the tops turn brown and die back. Prior to harvesting mature shallots, reduce watering for a couple weeks prior to ensure bulb has formed protective covering.