Seed Artist Profile: Jill Coleman: Broccoli

Posted: April 8, 2016

In 2015 Sow True Seed decided to design beautiful artwork for 160 of our seed varieties. We reached out to the gardening community for help with the artwork and were humbled by the awesome response. Seed is beautiful! Over the next year we will be highlighting all of these wonderful artists. Please check out their work and support them if you can! Follow them on Social Media, comment below with messages of adoration and big kudos for supporting small business supporting sustainable and responsible agriculture!

Broccoli Seed Packet Art

Jill Coleman of Swannanoa, North Carolina was selected to design the artwork for our “Waltham 29” and “Di Ciccio” Broccoli seed packets.

What is your favorite vegetable to eat and why?

My favorite vegetable to eat is currently collard greens! I enjoy using them as a burrito shell and wrapping up delicious fruit in them for snacks and meals!

What is your favorite flower and why?

My favorite flower currently is the Zinnia. They are beautiful, colorful and attract bees and butterflies to my garden!

What is your favorite medium to work with and why?

I enjoy using stippling (pointillism) in my art to represent the energetic particles that make up “things.” We don’t always realize every thing is made of tiny living vibrations. I love creating portraits and food still life’s to express that feeling.

Contact Jill to see more of her work:

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