A simple guide to growing garlic from Fifth Season Gardening

Posted: October 6, 2015

Fifth Season Gardening Garlic Growing Info1.    Grow the Right Variety of Garlic

  • Hardneck grows best in cold climates, while softneck does better in a warmer climate.
  • Do not use store bought garlic, which are treated with growth inhibitors.

2.   Soil

  • Loose, well drained, compost rich soil works best.  Loosen to 18”.
  • To loosen, broad fork, don’t till.
  • Deep, raised beds are a good way to go.
  • PH of 6.0 to 7.0
  • Lime acidic soil

3.   Planting

  • Larger bulbs: plant six weeks before first soil freeze in Fall
  • After soil thaws in spring
  • Plant 2” deep, 6” apart
  • Mulch with straw, dried grass, or shredded leaves

4.   Fertilizing – Spring

None recommended at planting time in Fall.

Spring: Initial application with a balanced bulb food and or, foliar spray with kelp, compost tea, or fish emulsion at the first sign of shoots.  High nitrogen fertilizer when 1 ft tall.

5.  Amendments

  • Add these to your soil before planting
  • Lime if soil is acid
  • EndoMycorrhizia for better roots
  • Azomite for larger bulbs and more flavor

Fifth Season Gardening offers a full line of natural and organic soils, fertilizers, and amendments for all of your growing needs.

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Garlic Fest 2014 - German Red Rocombole Hardneck


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