Tea, Biscuits & Gardening

Tea, Biscuits & Gardening is an open invitation for people to come and hang out at Sow True Seed,
one Tuesday each month from 6pm until 730pm.

These Tuesday evenings are a chance to plan your garden, ask questions, share information,
connect with other gardeners, drink tea and eat biscuits.

Each month we’ll have a focus area with presentations, workshops and discussions.
We hope you can join us in growing wise!

2017 Dates Topic (titles link to topic descriptions)
January 17 Mushroom Log Inoculation Workshop
February 7 Planning a Garden and Starting your Seeds
March 14 Growing Potatoes, Rhubarb and Asparagus
April 11 Planning and Planting Warm Weather Crops
May 16 How to Grow Sweet Potatoes
June 13 Managing Bugs in the Garden
July 11 Planning a Fall Garden
August 15 Storing and Preserving your Harvest
September 12 Growing Garlic and Perennial Onions
October 17 Winterizing the Garden
November 14 Sowing Wildflowers
December 12 Christmas Party (and making seed decorations!)

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January 17: Mushroom Log Inoculation

Winter and spring are great times of the year to inoculate some logs for growing mushrooms. It’s generally pre spring-garden craziness, plus the wild fungi are relatively quiet and the trees haven’t yet started putting energy into leaf production.

We’ll talk through the guiding principles of mushroom inoculation and give a thorough demonstration. After that there will be plenty of time for everyone to get hands on and inoculating.

The entire evening will be FREE. You are completely welcome to come and learn and experience and inoculate. If you want to go home with a 4ft Shiitake inoculated oak log then we’ll sell the logs at the end for $20 a piece. If you are interested in taking a log home then please send me a quick email, so we can make sure we have enough logs on hand.

Drilling and Pluggin Mushroom Logs


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