Top Five Edible Flowers

Posted: May 26, 2015

Edible flowers are the best! They look good, they keep the pollinators happy AND you can eat them. Check out this selection of edible flowers to get you started:


Both the flowers and leaves are edible with a peppery watercress flavor. There are a good range of varieties to grow, but they are all tasty! View Nasturtium Seed HERE.

Nasturtium Flowers are Edible


Gorgeous blue and purple flowers are edible in salads and make a delicious, soothing tea. High end restaurants freeze individual flowers in ice cubes for fancy cocktails! View Borage Seed HERE. Borage Edible Flowers

Johnny Jump Up Viola

These tiny edible beauties will be the first to bloom in your garden, and have been known to poke their pretty faces through snow. View Johnny Jump Up seeds HERE. Viola, Johnny Jump Up Edible Flower

Squash Blossoms

A little know secret is that these delicate flowers can be eaten baked, fried, stuffed, in soup, salad or any way you can think of! There are lots of squash plants to choose from, so grow some squash and eat some flowers! View squash varieties HERE. Edible Squash Flowers

Bee Balm

Bee balm can add a spicy flavor to a salad or steeped as a delicious summer tea. The pollinators really love this one too! View Bee Balm Seed HERE. Bee Balm Edible Flowers Written by Sow True Seed’s Farmer-Garden Expert, Chloe Smith 

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