Meet The Team

Carol Koury, Founder & President

Founder of Sow True Seed, Carol Koury, began her career as an advocate for animal protection, and expanded to become a financial advisor, an activist for women’s health and for the environment. Inspired by her father and grandmother, who grew most of the food she ate during her childhood, Carol, in turn, grew food for herself and her family. In the process, she became especially committed to providing healthy alternatives to conventionally produced food by supporting local agriculture and education about where food comes from. In addition to her many responsibilities as CEO, Carol is also Sow True’s resident photographer, den mother, chocolate provider, and Enneagram administrator.


The Team

Check out the great team of folks at Sow True Seed!
From our agriculture department to our warehouse, from customer service
to marketing, we are all grateful to be part of sowing true seeds across America.