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About Us

Nice to meet y'all!

We are a small, dedicated staff of dirt worshippers committed to providing high quality, open-pollinated seeds in support of sustainable food production and regenerative agriculture. We're proud to call Asheville, North Carolina home.

Photo taken by Megan Naylor 


Our Roots

Founded in 2008 by lifelong gardener and food activist Carol Koury, Sow True Seed was created to preserve our shared botanical heritage and grow a new era of ecological wisdom.

We support independent, regional agricultural initiatives that foster a vibrant, sustainable economy, and true food sovereignty. And we are committed to growing our awareness and actions to honor the heritage of our seeds, the diverse people and places that have contributed to our collective abundance. Sow True will encourage equity in agriculture, making sure to promote all farmers' voices.

Based in the glorious mountains of Western North Carolina – home to a temperate rain forest and one of the most biologically diverse areas of North America - We are proud to work with farmers in our Katuah Bioregion who ensure the survival of heirloom varieties that would otherwise become extinct.

Thank you for growing with us!

Sow. Germinate. Grow. Pollinate. Save.

Our Intentions


Sow True Seed operates with a social and environmental consciousness to the best of our ability by taking our beliefs and convictions and putting them into action. We provide gardeners with open-pollinated varieties. We question the genetic modification of organisms. We actively work to create better access to healthy food in a regenerative, sustainable, and inclusive environment.

We operate as a non-hierarchical, "all voices heard and equal" organization,  working towards becoming a worker-owned cooperative by 2022.


Sow a better world.

Children are our future. By seeding young minds with excitement and enthusiasm for gardening, we can Sow a Better World. We support school gardens through our Seed Money Fundraising Program as well as offering a 25% seed packet discount to school gardens and nonprofits. Sow True Seed is committed to working with schools and youth groups to offer fun and educational activities throughout the year.


Grow your own.

Like seeds, every person has the potential to change and grow. We want everyone to have the opportunity and skills to Grow Your Own. We donate thousands of packets of seed to programs that support their communities and offer free garden education and harvest donation programs. We work hard to create a catalog that is inspirational, educational, and free. We also offer helpful information to gardeners through classes, blogs, newsletters, on the phone, and in person.


Invest in our future.

To plant seeds is an investment in our future. Growing your own food is the most powerful way you can help yourself and the environment. Treat the earth as the amazing, living organism that supports all life that it is and Grow Wise. Sow True Seed actively campaigns against the continued expansion and infiltration of GMO-seed. As signatories of the Safe Seed Pledge put out by the Council of Responsible Genetics, Sow True Seed does not and never will knowingly sell GMO-seed. Sow True Seed is committed to supplying seed from known and trusted seed farmers, and to supporting organic seed over conventional seed whenever possible.


The unsung heroes.

The unsung heroes (bees, butterflies, and other pollinators) of our gardens need our help. Reduced habitats and increased pesticide use are killing our pollinators and threatening our food security. One of every three bites of food relies on bees for pollination. No pollinators = no food. We need to support and Save the Pollinators. Sow True Seed offers a wide range of pollinator-friendly flower and vegetable seed to create year round habitats. We are working with partners, such as Bee City USA to raise awareness of the contribution pollinators make to our world.


Secure our seed system.

A secure food system requires a secure seed system. Home gardeners and farmers can use open-pollinated seed that can be saved and grown "true" year after year, thereby decreasing dependence on “Big Ag”. Grow open-pollinated varieties and Save Your Seed. Sow True Seed is committed to supplying only open-pollinated seed. We attend seed swaps, carry rare and threatened varieties, and actively seek out new varieties of heirlooms. Over the last century, the United States has lost approximately 93% of its seed varieties due to hybridization and the industrialization of agriculture. Sow True Seed offers seed saving products for sale and teach workshops encouraging every gardener to collect and save varieties that may otherwise become extinct.


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