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We want you to be successful with your gardens and farms. We want you to grow as much food as possible and we want you to save seeds. Please learn from us!

You're Never too old to learn

Garden Blog

Our Garden Blog is a collection of articles to help you in the garden! From garden wisdom to garden recipes, you're sure to find something that'll be fun to read and help you to grow wise.

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Planting Guides

Our planting guides are complete crop specific guides to a wide range of things you may want to grow, including seed starting, growing, harvesting and seed saving tips.

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Seed Saving Notes

Our seed saving notes will give you the knowledge and understanding to start saving your own seeds. Sow True Seed only sells open-pollinated seeds, so start saving this year!

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When in doubt, don't Panic, just ASK!

We really want to be here as a resource for your gardening and seed saving adventures. If you can't find the answers you are looking for in our resources or FAQs, then please don't hesitate to ASK. We may not always have all the answers, but we're certainly willing to share what we know. 

As a small seed company we will aim to get back to your within a 48 hr period. We appreciate your patience, especially in our busy season between Jan and May.