Need additional income on your farm? Want to help us keep heirlooms and rare varieties growing? Sow True Seed is always looking for more farmers to grow seed for us!

Growing Seed Seed=Food

Our seed growers range from seed-specialized farms doing large grow-outs, to small market farms growing seed for supplemental income, to backyard gardeners doing preservation work with rare heirloom varieties.  As of the 2021 season, we are mainly interested in developing relationships with growers who have experience in seed-saving and the ability to grow on a small commercial scale. We work with growers all over the US, but we are especially interested in supporting seed growers in the Southeast.
If you are brand new to growing seed, but curious about its potential as a crop for your farm or garden, we recommend getting your feet wet by saving a couple crops for your own use to start. You can find basic seed-saving information in our growing guides, but there are also many good resources for more in-depth information on the process. The Seed Garden, published by the Seed Savers Exchange is our favorite, most current comprehensive seed-saving text. Susanne Ashworth's Seed to Seed is a classic on the subject, of which used copies can be easily found, and NOFA's Organic Seed Production and Saving is a slim and economical but information-packed guide. 
If you are passionate about preserving heirloom varieties, but not so interested in the commercial side of seed growing, here are some good ways to get involved in this work:
- Join the Seed Savers Exchange
- Connect with your local seed library 
Start a seed library! 
- Connect with organizations promoting seed saving, such as The Utopian Seed Project, Grassroots Seed Network, the Cooperative Gardens Commission, Native Seed SEARCH, or the Indigenous Seedkeepers Network 
    To learn more about growing seed on contract, please contact:
    Brooke Lovingood, Director of Agriculture
    E-mail:  Phone: (828) 254-0708 ext. 105