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Seed Saving


Accession (n.)
An item formally accepted and maintained as part of the preservation Collection.

Biennial (n.)
A plant that completes its life cycle in two years, flowering and fruiting in the second year.

Black-box storage (n.)
Seed storage in which the repository genebank (e.g. Svalbard) has no entitlement to its use and distribution. The depositor (e.g. SSE) must monitor seed viability over time and use its own collection to regenerate seed as viability decreases. Seed is not disturbed without depositor permission and is returned if the depositor’s base collection is lost or destroyed.

Cambium (n.)
A layer of tissue between the inner bark (phloem) and the wood (xylem), which produces new phloem on the outside and new xylem on the inside and originates all secondary growth in plants, forming the annual rings of wood.

Certified potato seed (n.)
Seed potato that has been certified as disease-free and safe; many states require that seed potato producers certify their product.

Certified organic (adj.)
Adhering to a federal set of organic standards defined by
the National Organic Program and certified by state, private, or non-profit parties approved by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Cure (v.)
To dry vegetative material down to an appropriate moisture level for storage.

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