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Meet the Team!

Black Cherry Tomato Art by Kadhima Tung 


Mary VanEgmond 

As our most senior employee (starting all the way back in 2011) Mary has held a few different job titles, but currently she is our Seed Inventory Manager. Her favorite thing about working at Sow True Seed is being able to see the beautifully diverse shapes, sizes, and colors of seeds. When she’s not at work marveling at seeds you can usually find her walking her dog Trix, taking care of her flower garden, out birdwatching, or partaking in various creative pursuits. 



Brooke Lovingood

Brooke works as our Warehouse Operations Manager and has been with Sow True Seed since 2017. Brooke loves working for Sow True Seed knowing we are supplying valuable seeds all over the country! Brooke didn’t know the value of open-pollinated seeds when she first started or even how to grow from seed but the knowledge she’s gained goes beyond her work, giving her a sense of pride. Brooke spends as much of her time as she can riding her bike, rafting, skiing, and traveling across the country. 


Elsa Stanton

Elsa is our Finance Manager and has been with Sow True Seed since 2018. Her favorite part about working for Sow True Seed is getting to collaborate with a team of stellar people! A close second is that her job incorporates both her love of numbers and gardening! Outside of work, Elsa enjoys spending time working on her two acre homestead with her husband and kids where they tend various gardens and raise chickens, ducks, rabbits, hogs and goats. She also enjoys exploring new hiking trails and swimming holes with her family and two rescue pups.


Chloe Grund

Chloe is our Wholesale Manager and Creative Director, and has been with Sow True since 2019. Previously a seasonal farm worker, she loves helping and learning from our customers and developing connections with fellow growers. In her free time she likes to hoard books of poetry, ride her bike down country roads, and dream about what to grow in next year's garden. She is obsessed with anything mustard colored, has an unrelenting love for art history, and loves to explore the Appalachian mountains with her pup, Cooper.


Hannah Gibbons

If you get a phone call or an email from Sow True Seed, it’s probably Hannah on the other end of the line. When not helping out our fine customers with their gardening queries or working on marketing strategies, Hannah can be found sticking their hands into giant buckets of seeds or holding our office dogs like human babies. Hannah’s non-gardening related passions include cooking elaborate meals, making stained glass, and taking on overzealous DIY projects armed only with the raw confidence to complete them. Hannah writes many of our wonderful blog posts. Read their author bio!



Nora Millar

Nora is our fulfillment manager and has been with Sow True since 2021. She loves getting to pack cool seed varieties and ship out orders to gardeners all over the country! Her favorite things about working at sow true are her wonderful co-workers and learning new things every day about gardening. When not at Sow True, she loves to read, cook, and swim in rivers and lakes with her friends.


Mackenzie Crosson

Mackenzie is our Shop Manager and has been with Sow True since the fall of 2021. She loves being able to meet garden lovers from the Asheville area and beyond! When not in the shop, Mackenzie also works at the East Asheville Tailgate Market and spends much of her free time exploring the Appalachian Mountains.

100% handmade soap bar


Karin Perk

Karin joined the team at the start of 2023. One of many things that she loves about working at Sow True Seed is the joy of being surrounded by all of the potential contained in the vast number of seeds around her. You can find her working the store or burying her hands in buckets of seeds in the back. After hours, Karin enjoys playing soccer, paddling rivers, reading books, and feeding plants worm castings.