May is Sweet Potato Month!

I get so excited for sweet potato season. What better vegetable is there?! [Read: Surprising Sweet Potato Facts here]. The slips arrive in the last two weeks of May (or there abouts). Slips are basically sweet potato sprouts that, once planted in the ground, will vine out  and produce a cluster of sweet potatoes around the original slip.

Sweet Potato Slip Selection At Sow True Seed


We sell slips in various sizes, the smallest being 12. 12 slips is a good amount for a standard raised bed (3′x8′). But these guys do well in moderate soil, so most patches of dirt will work as long as they’re in FULL sun. Read: Full Growing Instructions here.

We always encourage people to PRE-ORDER sweet potatoes to avoid disappointment. Every year we sell out, but pre-ordering will guarantee you get the sweet potato slips of your dreams!




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