Description: There's a legume for every grower! Having made their way into the diets of civilizations around the world, they serve the dual purpose of fixing nitrogen in the soil and satisfying a range of nutritional needs. For edible pods, try some Bush Beans, Pole Beans, and Asparagus Beans. For fresh shelling and drying, peruse the Lima Beans, Fava Beans, Edamame and Drying Beans.

Asparagus Bean

  • Yard Long Red Seeded

Bush Bean

  • Cherokee Wax

  • Dragon Tongue

  • Kentucky Wonder

  • Long Tendergreen

  • Maxibel Haricot Vert, ORGANIC

  • Mountaineer White Half Runner

  • Provider

  • Romano #14

  • Royal Burgundy

  • Royalty Purple Pod, ORGANIC

  • Strike

  • Tendergreen, ORGANIC

Drying Bean

  • Arikara Yellow

  • Black Turtle

  • Hutterite Soup

  • October

  • Peregion

  • Whipple, ORGANIC


  • Midori Giant, ORGANIC

  • Mojo Green

Fava Bean

  • Aquadulce

  • Broad Windsor, ORGANIC

  • Sweet Lorane, ORGANIC

Lima Bean

  • Dixie Speckled Butterpea Bush

  • Henderson Bush

  • King of the Garden Pole

Pole Bean

  • Greasy, Glenwood Cut Short

  • Greasy, Red Striped

  • Greasy, WNC Market

  • Kentucky Wonder

  • Lazy Wife Greasy, ORGANIC

  • Rattlesnake

  • Romano

  • Turkey Craw

Runner Bean

  • Scarlet Emperor