This petition supports the consumers, farmers and gardeners of Western North Carolina (WNC) by seeking to establish agriculture zones that are free from genetically modified (GM) crops and by asking for regulations to establish food labeling for ingredients containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).



  1. Genetically Modified (GM) crops are not being adequately tested or monitored and proven safe for human and livestock health;
  2. Uncontrollable pollen drift from GM crops threatens wild plant species and open-pollinated and heirloom varieties with mutation and possible extinction;
  3. Pollen drift to neighboring organic crops threatens the integrity of organic food, which prohibits the use of GM seeds and ingredients;
  4. GM crops increase the use of herbicides and pesticides that contaminate our soil and water and encourage the adaptation of highly resistant weeds and pests;
  5. And because consumers with doubts have no recourse because there is no legal requirement to label Genetically Modified ingredients in the food we eat.


We hereby petition our elected officials to enact a moratorium on the planting of GM crops in WNC and to require labeling of GM ingredients in our region’s food supply.

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