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      Lima Bean Seeds - Colored Willowleaf Butterbean, ORGANIC

      Sold out for 2022 Phaseolus lunatus ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM Originally from Dr. James Wolf and now a part of the Bradshaw collection at Clemson University, this small-seeded willowleaf-type butterbean has beautiful...

      Lima Bean Seeds - Henderson Bush

      Phaseolus lunatus HEIRLOOM It's no wonder these have been around since the 1880s. Reliable producer of buttery white lima beans under a variety of growing conditions. Bushy habit and long...

      Lima Bean Seeds - King of the Garden (Pole)

      Phaseolus lunatus HEIRLOOM A vigorous variety of pole lima bean with dark-green pods and creamy white beans with a honey-like flavor. Vines grow to 10 feet.

      Lima Bean Seeds - Shantyboat Butterbean

      Sold out for 2022 Phaseolus lunatus HEIRLOOM -This seed came from the amazing seed saver John Coykendall of Blackberry Farms in TN. Very prolific and colorful with mottled white and...