Perennial Potato Onion


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Allium cepa var. aggregatum

An heirloom perennial-type onion that forms clusters of 2-4" onions which have amazingly long storage ability. Good, all-purpose onion that is easy to grow and drought resistant. Save the smaller bulbs to replant to keep your patch going. 

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Bed Preparation 


Soil should be slightly moist and well drained. Full sun is best for growth but partial shade can also work. Plant onions in a location that allows them room to roam.




 Plant in spring or in fall. Plant each top set 2" deep, with 6"-10" between plants and 1' between rows. They may also be planted close together in clusters for an ornamental addition to any garden.




Cultivate as you would regular garden onions, keep weeds to a minimum and lightly mulch and fertilize when needed.




Harvest top sets in late summer and fall when the leafstalk has turned brown and begun to dry. Harvest the long green leaves of the onions (the ones without the top sets) year round. Harvest underground onions in late summer and fall – remembering that when removed this onion plant will no longer grow the following year.


Curing and Storage 


Onions can be cured by being placed in a warm area with good ventilation. Allow them to remain until they are cured and the necks are fully dry (about two weeks). This will allow them to store longer in a dry area with low humidity and well ventilated containers.