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    Summer Squash Seeds - Early Prolific Straight Neck

    Cucurbita pepo HEIRLOOM. The most popular of straight neck squashes, this lemon yellow fruit has crisp, firm texture. Best when harvested 5-6" long.

    Summer Squash Seeds - Early Summer Crookneck, ORGANIC

    Cucurbita pepo ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. A popular bright yellow summer squash with a graceful arch in the neck. Harvest when skin is still pale yellow at 6-8" long for best flavor....

    Summer Squash Seeds - Golden Zucchini

    Sold out for 2022 Cucurbita pepo HEIRLOOM -These squash have the flavor of zucchini, but the color of sunshine. Great for mixing up the colors in zucchini relish or market...