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Supporting Gardening and Access to Food for Everyone!

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are a local Asheville area school, community organization/garden, we are asking that you opt in for our School/Community Organization/Garden Giveaway in lieu of the Donation Program. Register here.

Sow True Seed supports community gardens, educational enterprises and gardens that give. Our aim is to provide excellent quality, open-pollinated seeds so that we can empower communities to grow more food.

Every year we donate thousands of packets of seeds. Our hope is that these seeds fulfill their destinies by reaching fertile soil and caring hands. We have provided seed donations to organizations and schools near and far.

The seeds we donate are often packed for the previous year. While we cannot guarantee the germination rates, we donate them in good faith and believe the seeds to be viable. Many kinds of seeds when stored properly can last up to 5 or more years. While we want to sell the most viable seed packed for the current year, we end up with a lot left from the year before. What better use could these seeds have than to provide food and learning opportunities for our community and communities around the country, or even the world?

If you are interested in receiving a seed donation from Sow True Seed then please fill out the form below. This program is extremely popular and we appreciate your understanding in helping us to streamline the process.

Important UPDATE:

  • Nov 30 2017 – Deadline for submitting the donation application form.
  • Dec 4 2017 – We will notify successful applicants by email.
  • Dec 13 2017 – Deadline for payment for Shipping Costs (after this date your donation will be reallocated).
  • Dec 15 2017 – Deadline for Pick-up donations to be picked up (after this date the donation will be reallocated).
  • Jan 15 2018 – All donation seed packets will have been shipped by this date.
  • The first week of October 2019 – Relaunch Donation Program.

Apply below. Please use scroll bar to fill out entire application.

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