Planting Guide and Seed Saving notes for Ground Nuts

Ground Nuts (Apios americana)

Found in indigenous diets from Canada to the Gulf coast, Apios americana, also known colloquially as Indian Groundnut. This perennial from the pea family produces both edible tubers and podded beans.

Nutrients: High in Protein and Amino Acids

How to grow Ground Nuts from Tubers

Bed Preparation

Because of its vigorous vines that can grow up to ten feet in a single season and wrap themselves around other plants, we recommend creating a planting area that you can dedicate to your Apios americana patch exclusively. This will make harvesting their tasty little tubers easier, and allow you to enjoy the stunning blossoms without worrying about them choking out your tomatoes.


Plant in fall through winter, as soon as they are shipped, and harvest in late summer.


Harvested tubers can be stored for months in a root cellar or another cool, dry area. Replant your smallest tubers for next years harvest.