Although we have not had any incidence of this disease on our watermelon seed to date, by accepting this seed you are agreeing to accept full responsibility and all liability for any Watermelon Fruit Blotch damage that may occur.

Neither Sow True Seed, Inc. nor its suppliers will be held responsible for any Watermelon Fruit Blotch that may occur. Important Notice on Bacterial Fruit Blotch A bacterial disease known as Bacterial Fruit Blotch (BFB) has caused severe damage to watermelon crops in various parts of the United States. The causal organism of BFB is Acidovorax avenae subs. Citrulli. This bacterium may be seed-borne, but infection may also occur from many types of secondary sources after planting.

Sow True Seed, Inc. makes no claim of resistance or tolerance to this disease, or freedom from any bacterial disease, including BFB, with regard to any of its seed. Symptoms of BFB on seedlings appear as dark, water-soaked lesions on the lower surfaces of plant cotyledons or on true leaves. The lesions later become necrotic and may also have chlorotic halos surrounding the dead tissues. Many times, lesions will also appear on the hypocotyls of seedlings, resulting in the wilting and death of these plants. The most dramatic and destructive phases of this disease are the fruit infections that occur later in the growing cycle. The lesions on the top surface of the fruits appear as small, water-soaked areas, which, under the right conditions of high temperature and humidity enlarge rapidly to cover most of the surface of the fruits. Fruit decay often follows. This later condition of the disease cycle could lead to significant economic losses to the grower.In cases where the pathogen is carried by planted seed, the lesions described above will appear on the seedlings within 7 days of emergence.

The ultimate user of watermelon seed is urged to inspect watermelon seedlings within two weeks of emergence for evidence of seed borne diseases. If no symptoms are observed on seedlings within the three weeks following emergence, it is very unlikely that any subsequent BFB infection stems from seed-borne bacteria. Any subsequent BFB infection will most likely be caused by other sources.

It is imperative that each grower inspect seedlings during this early stage, in order to determine the presence or absence of these symptoms and to mitigate any potential economic losses. Symptoms appear on plants in the early stages of growth. Those symptoms caused by secondary infections may not be evident on new foliar parts as the plants develop. The pathogen, however, may still be alive in infected tissues and may infect the fruits if favorable conditions of temperature and humidity prevail.

Do not retain any plants that show symptoms of BFB. Remove infected tissue from the field and dispose of it away from fields that may be plant vegetable crops in the future. It is widely understood that BFB pathogens may be ever-present in some soils, attacking otherwise healthy plants.

BFB contamination of seedlings can come from a variety of sources. A wide variety of alternate host plants, when grown in close proximity, can transmit bacteria and provide for the spread of BFB to otherwise uninfected plants (including wild citron, melon, eggplant, and many others). Bacteria can overwinter on organic matter in diseased fields and may be transmitted from field to field by improperly sterilized tools, the use of previously used plant trays, or via human contact with plants. In these cases, if the disease has not already become endemic (naturally occurring, much like Fusarium and Anthracnose) then it will do so very soon.


Waiver & Release

By signing below, I hereby acknowledge that I have been informed regarding the risks associated with the potential presence of the bacterial disease known as Bacterial Fruit Blotch. I hereby accept full responsibility and all liability for the watermelon seed that has been supplied from Sow True Seed, Inc.. I waive any right to recover damages and hereby release Sow True Seed, Inc. and its suppliers from any and all claims relating to Bacterial Fruit Blotch with respect to watermelon seed supplied by Sow True Seed, Inc.. The undersigned expressly acknowledges that its exclusive and sole remedy (for any cause) against Sow True Seed, Inc. is limited to a return of the purchase price of the seed. It is further agreed that in the event of the resale of these seeds, the purchaser agrees to obtain a signed release pertaining to bacterial fruit blotch from subsequent buyers. I have read this document and agree to be bound by it.