Ozark Beauty Strawberry Plants


Fragaria ananassa

10 strawberry plants - $12.95

The Ozark Beauty strawberry was developed in Arkansas and is well suited for cooler regions of the North, and higher elevations in the South. Ozark Beauty strawberries are considered to be one of the best everbearing varieties. They are vigorous and extremely prolific producers. They produce fairly large berries for an everbearing type, deep red and honey-sweet, excellent for eating fresh or making preserves. Zones 4-8.

We send healthy, bare-root plants that are dormant. Strawberries will grow in any soil but if you have heavy clay soil, mix in about 30% sand. Good drainage is the most important component and without it strawberry plants may die. It is beneficial to soak the roots in water for an hour before planting. Crowns should be above the soil where you see a little root. A free planting guide will be included with every order!

Find our Strawberry Plant Growing Guide here! 

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