Sweet Pepper Seeds - Chocolate Cake, ORGANIC


Capsicum annuum

Large version of Chocolate Beauty selected by legendary pepper breeder, Doug Jones for high yield, earliness, and thick, crunchy fruit walls. Fruit ripens from green to reddish-brown and are top-rated in taste tests. Compact plants grow 24 inches high.

SMALL FARM GROWN by Commonwealth Seed Growers, Louisa, VA

Planting Information


Seeds per PacketAverage packet weight 
Seeds / gram 
Average seeds / oz
0.5 gram 
Planting SeasonIdeal Soil TempSunFrost Tolerance
After Last Frost65-85°FFull SunFrost Sensitive
Sowing MethodSeed DepthDirect Seed SpacingDays to Harvest 
Mature SpacingDays to SproutProduction CycleSeed Viability
18-24"8-25Annual3-5 years