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Catalog Artwork

Every year we are proud to commission a local Asheville NC artist to design our catalog cover art. This is the third year we have an artistic interpretation of our five intentions: Sow, Germinate, Grow, Pollinate and Save.

Thank you so much to Krista Allison for your incredible skill and dedication to gardening in producing our lovely 2017 seed catalog cover art.

Seed Catalog Cover Art 2017 by

About the Artist:

Krista Allison grew up in rural New Jersey, surrounded by art and nature. Her mother was a seamstress, painter, crafter, and avid gardener. The passion for art and craft sank in; the green thumb, not so much. However, even without a talent for making plants thrive, Krista developed a deep love and respect for the natural world. She still dreams of an idyllic home in the wilderness where she can tend animals and forage for useful plants and fungi.

While obtaining a BFA in ceramic arts from Eastern Michigan University, Krista spent several years working variously as a bartender, armored car driver, and office drone. Later she would work as a studio assistant, first at Motawi Tileworks in Ann Arbor and then, after relocating to the Asheville area, at Asheville Tileworks. During this time, she also started canoo, a line of stuffed toys and other kid things made from reclaimed clothing scraps. The business lasted eight years, until Krista’s focus shifted to textile collage and a newfound interest in painting. Another major portion of her life currently is given to fostering and socializing feral kittens for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. It is her hope to continue and further this work for as long as her family will put up with the excess of cats in the studio.

A note from the artist: The cover project was a great learning experience, and I have been honored to work on it. In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of Sow True Seed’s mission, I was able to try new techniques and develop my aesthetic vision. I also found an opportunity to bring the natural landscape into the work: the gold silk fabric swatches were dyed using locally foraged wild plants. I feel that this was a way of connecting the artwork, and the company, to the roots underlying our town. All of the other fabrics used here were scraps of salvaged secondhand clothing. It’s of huge importance to me to do what I can to reduce waste, and my favorite way of doing so is to make art from castoff materials. Visit my website to view more of my work: kristaallison.com

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