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Occupy the Food Supply Today!

GMO-free-WNC occupy the food supply

Today is the Occupy the Food Supply day of action. This is a global, DIY event meant to draw attention to the growing corporate control of our food. This threat is being felt by family farmers losing their livelihood to big ag, parents trying to find affordable, healthy ingredients to feed their kids, people worried about foodborne illnesses thanks to weakened food safety laws, farm workers facing pesticides in the fields, and gardeners seeking non GMO seeds. I am excited to see what kind of impact participants can have.

What can you do to show your support? Here are some ideas:

Avoid big box stores for groceries, buy local food instead
Buy only organic and GMO-free food
Don’t consume fast food
Pack a healthy lunch for yourself and your children
Start a conversation with friends about the importance of safe, pure food, online or in person (share this blog post to start it)
Talk with a stranger at the grocery store

Stretch out the day of action by:
Starting a garden (we’ve got some nice seeds!)
Signing up for a CSA
Joining a food justice organization
and one that is especially important to us – helping us get signatures on our GMO-free WNC petition

Occupy the Food Supply Everyday!