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October Is The Perfect Time To Plant Garlic

Garlic is great addition to your garden plant it in the fall and forget about it until the summer!


October is an ideal time to plant garlic in the Appalachia's.

Garlic is an awesome addition to your fall garden because you can wait until all the other summer-end craziness has finished before you really have to think about it!

The aim with fall planted garlic is to achieve good root development and only minor, if any, top growth. You want most of the green top-growth to happen when the day light lengthens and the weather warms in spring you’ll see good top-growth.

A good guide is to plant your garlic cloves 3-6 weeks before the ground freezes or becomes unworkable. This can be hard to predict with accuracy, especially with some of our recent and random winters, but you’re pretty safe to plant garlic in October in many areas.

We have lots of blog posts on growing garlic and we send out a garlic growing guide with each garlic order. It really is an easy and simple crop to grow that fills a winter void in the garden.

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