Lovage Seeds


Levisticum officinale

A fantastic edible, perennial landscape plant! Seeds, leaves and young stalks have a flavor similar to celery but more complex, with hints of anise, earning lovage the nickname "false celery" or "mountain celery." It is quite commonly grown and used in cooking in Europe, but is lesser known in the United States. The flavor works well with many foods, from spring salads, to soups, to poultry dishes. Lovage is known to have a range of medicinal properties as well. If allowed to flower, it attracts many beneficial pollinating insects.
Sow in beds or containers in fall or early spring. The plants will eventually grow 4 to 7 feet tall if they are not pruned back.
  • Planting Information
Average Seed / ozSeed / 100' RowAverage Yield / 100' RowDays to Harvest
Planting SeasonIdeal Soil TempSunFrost Tolerance
After Last Frost65-80°FFull SunFrost Sensitive
Sowing MethodSeed DepthDirect Seed Spacing

Min. Seeds 

Per Packet

Transplant or Direct Seed1-4"12"160
Mature SpacingDays to SproutProduction CycleSeed Viability
24-36"14-21Perennial2-3 years