Lettuce Seeds

Before modern lettuce ended up in salad bowls everywhere, it had a place as an aphrodisiac in pre-dynastic Egyptian ceremonies, cooked with eggs on the Roman dinner table, and in medieval herbals as a sedative and digestive. Now, it comes in a beautiful variety of forms, colors, and textures from smooth lime green leaves to red headings, to multicolored, smooth or crinkled leaves, with flavors ranging from a bracing bitterness to a soft buttery taste. While all lettuces can be harvested for loose leaf salad mix, romaine and butterhead varieties create folded heads for single head harvest.

Nutrients: vitamins K (high), A and folate. Companions: beets, brassicas, carrots, onions, radishes, garlic. Antagonists:  cabbage.

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      Lettuce Seeds - Rouge d'Hiver, ORGANIC

      Lactuca sativa HEIRLOOM. ORGANIC. Cool season romaine type with sweet, buttery texture. Semi-open heads with deep-red outer leaves and green-bronze tipped inner leaves.

      Lettuce Seeds - Green Oakleaf

      Lactuca sativa HEIRLOOM. Rightfully famous for over 242 years! Bright green, deeply lobed leaves are never bitter, even in the summertime heat.

      Lettuce Seeds - Black Seeded Simpson, ORGANIC

      Lactuca sativa HEIRLOOM. ORGANIC. An old dependable friend for many growers. Deeply savoyed, light green leaves arrive very early and tolerate a range of growing conditions. Slow to bolt.

      Lettuce Seeds - Merveille 4 Seasons, ORGANIC

      Lactuca sativa HEIRLOOM -The French do not name their lettuces lightly and this one is, as the name implies, marvelous! A true wonder that holds excellent flavor, even in the...

      Lettuce Seeds - Key Lime, ORGANIC

      Expected to be back in stock by November Lactuca sativa ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM – How can you resist such a delicious sounding name? We admit that’s what attracted us initially when...

      Lettuce Seeds - Speckled Amish Butterhead- ORGANIC

      Expected to be back in stock by November Lactuca sativa HEIRLOOM -An old heirloom with a most unique pigment pattern of bright red speckles on lime green buttery leaves. Heads...