Dent Corn Seeds - Cown


Zea mays

The stock for this sturdy dent variety was given to us by Robert Cown of Northern Georgia, whose great grandfather, Robert M. Cown, bred it from a cross between a long-eared variety and a prolific (more ears per stalk) variety to create an extra-high yielding strain. It occasionally produces up to five ears on a stalk! Also called “coon” corn, from a mispronunciation of the family name. 

Cown dent corn should be direct seeded in a location with full sun after all danger of frost has passed. Ears will be fully mature in about 120 days. ¼ lb pack contains approximately 280 seeds, enough for about 100 row feet. 

How to Grow
  • Planting Information
Avg. Seeds/ Packet Packet Weight Planting Season Planting Method
2801/4 lb late springdirect seed
Direct Seed SpacingSeed DepthSoil Temp. RangeDays to Sprout
4"1-2"65-80 ℉7-10
Mature SpacingSun RequirementFrost ToleranceDays to Harvest
8-12"full sunfrost-sensitive110