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    Hot Pepper Seeds - Aji Amarillo, ORGANIC

    Capsicum baccatum ORGANIC. Translated from Spanish, this pepper is literally the "Yellow Pepper" and is one of the most widely grown peppers in the country of Peru, arguably one of...

    Hot Pepper Seeds - Anaheim Chili, ORGANIC

    Capsicum annuum HEIRLOOM. Bring a little Mexican flavor to any dish with this classic pepper. Bushy upright plants grow 24-30" tall to produce an abundance of 6-8" long tapered fruits....

    Hot Pepper Seeds - Big Jim, ORGANIC

    Capsicum annuum ORGANIC. Classic green chili for fire-roasting and rellenos. Gigantic 8-12" fruits have produced world records. Peppers ripen from green to red on 24" plants. Medium hot.

    Hot Pepper Seeds - Carrot Bomb, ORGANIC

    Capsicum annuum These bright orange, round, 1-2 inch fruits make a fun addition to salsas, and are great for pickling too! About the same heat as a jalapeno. Plants grow...

    Hot Pepper Seeds - Fatali, ORGANIC

    Capsicum chinense Very fruity and citrusy, but with the heat of a habanero, this pepper is sure to delight your spice-loving palette.  The plants grow to about 2 feet tall,...

    Leek Seeds - American Flag, ORGANIC

    Allium porrum Superior quality and flavor. Produces 10" long tasty leeks. One of the favorite leek varieties grown by home and market growers. A tasty allium with a long history...

    Lettuce Seeds - Arianna, ORGANIC

    Lactuca sativa ORGANIC. Crispy, mint-green leaves from tall and somewhat open heads. Delicious nutty flavor as baby greens, all the way up to full sized heads. Bolt and tip burn...

    Lettuce Seeds - Black Seeded Simpson, ORGANIC

    Lactuca sativa HEIRLOOM. ORGANIC. An old dependable friend for many growers. Deeply savoyed, light green leaves arrive very early and tolerate a range of growing conditions. Slow to bolt.

    Lettuce Seeds - Buttercrunch, ORGANIC

    Lactuca sativa Buttery, crunchy, chewy leaves with a crisp heart - one of the best all round lettuces deserving of so many adjectives. Heat tolerant and slow to bolt.

    Lettuce Seeds - Chrystal, ORGANIC

    Lactuca sativa Chrystal boasts beautiful, broad, bright green leaves at the heart and gradually transitions to purple along the tips. Tender and sweet, through and through!

    Lettuce Seeds - Freckles, ORGANIC

    Lactuca sativa ORGANIC Green romaine lettuce that's been happily splattered with red paint. A playful and delicious addition to your salad. Harvest as baby leaf or head.

    Lettuce Seeds - Gourmet Lettuce Blend, ORGANIC

    Lactuca sativa ORGANIC. A delicious mix of nine lettuce varieties featuring different colors and leaf shapes! Includes Sandy, Green Star, Green Salad Bowl, Red Salad Bowl, Lolla Rossa Dark, Outredgeous,...