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Our open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable seeds are hand-selected specifically for your garden.

Regardless of which crop you’re looking to grow, we’ve got you covered.

Growing high-quality, organic vegetable seeds becomes easy with Sow True Seed. On each product page, scroll down to find extensive growing information. Looking for more? Browse our Garden Blog or Learn to Grow webpage for even more educational resources for the garden!

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When you browse our collection of vegetable seeds, you’ll find a wide array of varieties for any taste. From our beloved basics like Cherokee Purple tomatoes and Muncher cucumbers to our more unique Rainbow Blend of carrots or Candy Roaster squash. There’s something for everyone in our seed catalog.

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Cherry Tomato Seeds - Tiny Tim

Solanum lycopersicum These petite plants grow to just 16” tall, making them perfect to grow in containers. Despite their small stature, they’ll still produce an early, abundant crop of bright...

Paste Tomato Seeds - Principe Borghese

Solanum lycopersicum HEIRLOOM. Trust the Italians when they choose this heirloom to make the sweetest sun-dried tomatoes around. Also great for sauces and salads. Produces clusters of red, very meaty,...

Paste Tomato Seeds - Roma

Solanum lycopersicum Classic plum-shaped paste tomato. Rich flavor and low seed count makes "Roma" ideal for canning. Vigorous compact vines. Determinate. 

Paste Tomato Seeds - San Marzano

Solanum lycopersicum HEIRLOOM. A preferred standard with Italian farmers for reliable and heavy yields and the most delicious sauces imaginable! Compact and prolific producer of bright-red, slim, 2-3”, plum-type fruit...

Slicing Tomato Seeds - Dwarf Golden Tipsy

Solanum lycopersicum Sunny-yellow, medium-sized slicers on petite, 3-4 ft potato-leaf plants. Great for container gardening. Bred by the Dwarf Tomato Project. Determinate. SMALL FARM GROWN by Kim and Michelle Abbey,...

Slicing Tomato Seeds - Dwarf Tennessee Suited

Solanum lycopersicum Beautiful, medium-sized, purplish-red fruits with green stripes grow on stout plants just 3-4 ft tall. Balanced flavor, not too acidic or too sweet. Great for container gardening. Determinate....

Slicing Tomato Seeds - Kewalo

Solanum lycopersicum This determinate red, round slicer was bred at the University of Hawaii especially to tolerate hot and humid climates. It is one of the only open-pollinated determinate tomato...

Slicing Tomato Seeds - Mountain Princess, ORGANIC

Solanum lycopersicum ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. Productive variety that produces quick and early, especially suited to a short growing season. The 4-6 oz red fruits are round, smooth, and sweet. Determinate.

Slicing Tomato Seeds - New Big Dwarf, ORGANIC

Solanum lycopersicum ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. This variety was created before 1915 by crossing the Ponderosa and Dwarf Champion varieties, and could quickly become your favorite. Plants stay small, only becoming about...

Slicing Tomato Seeds - Rutgers VF

Solanum lycopersicum HEIRLOOM. Old-time flavor from globe fruits saturated with bright red color. Large, vigorous and productive vines produce early. Crack resistant. Widely adapted for hot climates. Great for canning. Determinate. ...