Claytonia - Miner's Lettuce


Unavailable for 2022

Claytonia perfoliata

This delightful green, also refereed to as Winter Purslane or Spring Beauty, is called Miner's Lettuce after the gold miners of the mid 1800's who consumed it for Vitamin C to prevent scurvy. Cook it like you would spinach or use it raw in salads.
 Approx. seeds per packet = 110

Packet weight 0.5 gram 

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Greens come in different varieties ranging in color, texture, and shape of leaves. These varying types of greens come from different regions of the world, including Asia, Africa, and the Southeastern US. Most greens grow best in moist, rich soil. To prepare the soil for planting, spread compost over the planting area, about 3” thick. Carefully turn the compost into the ground with a digging fork, loosening the soil. With a few exceptions like molokhia, amaranth, and summer spinach, all other varieties of greens (sold by Sow True Seed) thrive in cooler temperatures and do not grow well in summer. Aim to start seeds about four weeks before the last frost. Fall plantings can tolerate frost, which actually contributes to a sweeter flavor to the greens. Plant seeds just under the soil, about a half an inch apart. Once the seedlings sprout and grow their first leaves, thin them to about 8-12” apart. Your baby greens are delicious, eat your thinnings! Keep soil moist as they grow, at least an inch of water per week. Greens can be eaten at any stage, for cut and come again harvesting, pull a few leaves at a time from the outside of your plants and allow the main plants to continue to grow. When the plants are fully mature, you should cut the whole head at the base with a sharp knife. Your spring plantings will likely get bitter and/or bolt in the heat of summer, so harvest before that time and use the garden space for something else. 

Claytonia, Miner's Lettuce - Claytonia Perfoliata
Pollination, self; Life Cycle, annual; Isolation Distance, unknown
Produces seed much like lettuces. Dry flowers can be cut individually as they are ready, and screened and winnowed to clean for storage.