Winter Squash Seeds- South Anna Butternut, ORGANIC


Cucurbita moschata

ORGANIC. Developed by the dedicated and talented breeder, Edmund Frost from Common Wealth Seeds in Virginia, the South Anna is a downy mildew resistant butternut type that is bred specifically for the South. Edmund has worked for many seasons on this cross between the Seminole pumpkin and Waltham butternut and has selected the best year after year for mildew resistance, high sugar content, fantastic flesh texture, and long storability. Really, this squash will knock your socks off!

The healthier foliage of South Anna can help provide higher yields and better fruit quality, with sweet, nutritious flesh in a vibrant, bright orange color with a darker tan skin than most other butternuts. When used as a late planting, South Anna grows strong until frost, allowing for later harvests that will keep better into the winter and spring.

South Anna is an Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) variety. OSSI is a movement to help protect seed from corporate monopolization. Read more at

For bulk sizing, you can order straight from the farmer here:

SMALL FARM GROWN by Common Wealth Seed Growers, Louisa, VA

Planting Information


Approx. Seeds per PacketAverage packet weight
Seeds / gram 
Average seeds / oz
2 grams 
Planting SeasonIdeal Soil TempSunFrost Tolerance
After Last Frost65-85°FFull SunFrost Sensitive
Sowing MethodSeed DepthDirect Seed SpacingDays to Harvest 
Transplant or Direct Seed1"6"95
Mature SpacingDays to SproutProduction CycleSeed Viability
24-36"5-10Annual3-5 years