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Pre-ORDER Garlic From Sow True Seed Today!

Grow your own garlic and pre order from Sow True Seed!

Now is the time to get your order in for garlic from Sow True Seed if you want to guarantee the organic varieties of your choice.

September is the month of garlic for many people. A little earlier if you live somewhere very cold and a little later if you live somewhere very warm! We generally say 3-5 weeks before the ground freezes is your sweet spot for planting garlic. Either way, NOW is the time to get your order in if you want to guarantee the variety of your choice.

Here is some great information on Growing Your Own Garlic. One of the main questions we get is: Should I Plant a Hardneck or a Softneck? We decided to write a blog post to answer that very question. Read about the differences HERE.

How much garlic should you grow, we have the answers for you at Sow True Seed!

The second most popular question is: How Much Seed Garlic Do I Need? We responded again with another blog post to help you make good decisions for your growing space and your garlic appetite. Read about it HERE.

We always encourage people to PRE-ORDER garlic to avoid disappointment when you show up at our store and we’ve already sold out of your favorite variety. Every year we sell out, but pre-ordering will guarantee you get the garlic variety of your dreams!


Article Written by: Angie Lavezzo

About the Author: Angie Lavezzo is the former general manager of Sow True Seed. Beyond her professional role at Sow True, Angie's passion for gardening extends into personal hands-on experience, fostering plants and reaping bountiful harvests.