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Seed Saving

Below you will find a collection of all our seed saving notes.

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Seed Saving

Seed Cleaning Techniques for Seed Saving

Sow True Seed is committed to helping growers and gardeners save seed, in fact, it's one of our four main intentions as a company. Learn the methods to effectively save and clean your seed.

How to Save Squash Seeds

Saving your own squash seeds from your favorite varieties has many benefits. Here's a step-by-step guide to get them.

How to Store Seeds for Years!

Keep your seeds cool, dry, and dark. Learn more about how to save seeds.

Helpful hints on organizing your seed inventory

I now see the arrival of seed catalogs as not just an exciting representation of all that I will be eating the following year, but also as a reminder to do my yearly seed inventory.


If you are one of our customers, then chances are you are interested in preserving your personal power and choice when it comes to your food and your garden.  Growing GMO-free, open-pollinated seed is a great way to begin.

DIY Greens Seeds

DIY Greens Seeds

All of my greens have bolted in this heat. Yes, even up in the lovely Blue Ridge it’s been hotter than usual. But this year I let a few plants go t...