Pumpkin Seeds

What would harvest time look like without the pumpkins piled high in grocery stores and farm stands and carved on the lawn?  Pumpkins are actually a type of nutritious squash commonly eaten around the world.  In America we reserve the name pumpkin for round, orange squashes that are used for pies, soups and for carving.  And don’t forget the seeds, which can be roasted and flavored in myriad ways.

Companions: basil, beans, cabbage, corn, eggplant, marigold, peas, squash.
Antagonists: cucumbers, pumpkins, sunflowers, and tomatoes.

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    Pumpkin Seeds - Wildwood

    Cucurbita pepo HEIRLOOM. Saved by the Neely & Carroll families of Wildwood, Georgia for over six generations. Family oral history places the origin of the variety with the Cherokee Indians...

    Winter Squash Seeds - Candy Roaster Melon

    Cucurbita maxima HEIRLOOM. A North Carolina original and part of the Slow Foods Ark of Taste! Large, rampant vines produce 12-14 lb fruits. Produces delightfully warty, buttercup-shaped fruit, with pinkish-orange...

    Winter Squash Seeds - Seminole Pumpkin

    Cucurbita moschata HEIRLOOM. Originally cultivated by the indigenous peoples around the Everglades and quite rare today, this squash is excellent for southern growers. Delicious 6-8" round fruits with buff-colored rind. Productive...

    Pumpkin Seeds - Connecticut Field

    Cucurbita pepo HEIRLOOM -Perhaps the original Thanksgiving pumpkin, now often used for carving. 15-25 lb fruits have thin rinds and thick yellow-orange flesh. Use for jack-o'-lanterns, canning and stock feed.

    Pumpkin Seeds - Small Sugar

    Cucurbita pepo HEIRLOOM. Small sweet fruit weighs 6-8 lbs. A beloved standard for pie makers everywhere. Dry flesh with no stringiness.

    Pumpkin Seeds - Cinderella, ORGANIC

    Expected to be back in stock by November Cucurbita pepo HEIRLOOM - With only the slightest imagination does this heavily ribbed bright orange squash turn into Cinderella's carriage! Bushy vines...

    Pumpkin Seeds - Dutch Fork

    Cucurbita moschata We've been working hard to bring this amazing variety back as soon as possible! Check back in 2023! HEIRLOOM. An original Cherokee heirloom sometimes referred to as Old...