Primrose Seeds - Tina James' Magic Evening Scented


Oenothera glazioviana

These “magic” flowers put on a show you have to see to believe! New blossoms open every evening at dusk like clockwork, the large yellow flowers unfurling their petals in just seconds. Their namesake, Tina James, was a garden educator and writer from Maryland, who discovered the flowers blooming in her neighbor’s cow pasture. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange originally introduced the variety to the public in 1987. 

Here's a video of the magic primroses in action.

Tina James’ Magic Evening Scented Primrose germinates best after 30-60 days of cold-moist stratification. It should be started in pots or flats in late spring or early summer and transplanted to a location with full sun once the seedlings are established. Space the plants 16 to 18 inches apart. Plants will grow only a low rosette of leaves in their first year, then send up a 36 to 48 inch spire of flowers in the second year. If allowed to form seed pods, they will often self-seed to create a permanent primrose patch.

SMALL FARM GROWN by Milkweed Meadows, Hendersonville, NC

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Min. Seeds/PacketPacket WeightPlanting SeasonPlanting Method
2000.25 gspringtransplant
Seed DepthDirect Seed SpacingSoil Temp. RangeDays to Sprout
Mature SpacingSun RequirementFrost ToleranceBloom Period
16-18"full sunlightly tolerantlate summer-fall