I have a small homestead on the banks of the Toe River in Mitchell County, North Carolina. My wife and I grow an assortment of crops, including tomatoes, beans, gourds, and winter squash.  We have sold to local produce stands, restaurants and tailgate markets in Burnsville and Bakersville.  I am also a seed saver and have built up a collection of heirloom bean seeds. While I do have seeds from all over the Appalachian region I am most proud of the work I have done with heirloom beans from Mitchell and Yancey Counties.  I have collected over twenty varieties from just Mitchell County alone. I believe a lot of these beans are on the verge of being lost forever and I feel a deep obligation to my community to preserve these and hopefully get them into the hands and gardens of as many people as possible.

Jacob Miller Sow True Seed open-pollinated growing

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