Salad Greens

Most of our traditional salad crops thrive in the cooler weather of spring and fall. In spring the warming weather will cause bolting for many salad greens like mizuna, lettuce and spinach. In fall, growth will slow as daylight hours drop, but many greens will survive frosty weather, with some cold hardy greens like spinach and kale lasting well into the winter.

This collections includes: Collards, Kale, Lettuce, Mizuna, Swiss Chard, Tatsoi and more. 

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Asian Greens Seeds - Mizuna, ORGANIC

Brassica rapa Delicately serrated leaves are bright green with white ribs and have a mild spice. Makes an elegant salad. Plant early spring or late summer. Harvest by clipping above...

Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson, ORGANIC

Lactuca sativa HEIRLOOM. ORGANIC. An old dependable friend for many growers. Deeply savoyed, light green leaves arrive very early and tolerate a range of growing conditions. Slow to bolt.

Lettuce - Herb Salad Mix, ORGANIC

Lactuca sativa ORGANIC Herald spring with a tasty mix of Black Seeded Simpson, Red Salad Bowl, Mervielle 4 Seasons and Rouge de Hiver lettuces, Tatsoi, Mizuna, Cilantro, Dill and Arugula....

Kale - Red Russian

Brassica napus HEIRLOOM -From Russia, by way of Canada, with love. With reddish purple petioles and veins, these delicately lobed leaves change from grey to purple as the weather cools....

Mixed Greens - Spicy Mesclun Mix

Spice up the salad bowl with this selection of nutritious greens that range from mild to spicy. The mix includes Giant Red Mustard, Ruby Streaked Mizuna, Arugula, Mizuna, Tatsoi, and...

Lettuce - Freckles, ORGANIC

Lactuca sativa ORGANIC Green romaine lettuce that's been happily splattered with red paint. A playful and delicious addition to your salad. Harvest as baby leaf or head.

Spinach - Winter Giant

Spinacia oleracea The rich leaves will be a welcome addition to the winter dinner table. Large, dark green, semi-savoyed leaves. Heavy yields and very cold hardy. Recommended for late fall...

Kale - Lacinato, ORGANIC

Brassica oleracea ORGANIC. HEIRLOOM. The Italian darling of gourmands the world over! Also popular with kids for its nickname: Dinosaur Kale. Dark green, deeply savoyed leaves conjure images of prehistoric...

Lettuce - Buttercrunch, ORGANIC

Lactuca sativa Buttery, crunchy, chewy leaves with a crisp heart - one of the best all round lettuces deserving of so many adjectives. Heat tolerant and slow to bolt.

Spinach - Bloomsdale Long Standing

Spinacia oleracea HEIRLOOM. The classic reliable spinach with dark-green, thickly crinkled leaves. Slow-bolting and heavy-yielding. Frost tolerant. For spring and fall planting.

Arugula Seeds - Arugula, ORGANIC

Eruca sativa Distinctive delicious peppery flavor. Hardy, dark-green wide leaves enjoy a cut-and-come-again harvest. Perfect for spicing up a salad, or any other dish for that matter.

Lettuce - Jericho, ORGANIC

Lactuca sativa ORGANIC Bred to withstand Israeli weather, this upright romaine stays refreshingly sweet and crisp in the heat.