French Red Shallots

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Allium spp. 

This is what comes to mind when you think of a classic shallot. Delicious, mild flavor, you can use in many recipes. Approximately 5 heads per lb., 3-4 cloves per head.

Before planting shallots, prepare the garden as you would for onions or garlic by creating a well-draining raised bed amended with compost. Plant the shallot sets in full sun, and in soil with a neutral pH. Like garlic, each shallot planted yields a new cluster of shallots. The young shoots of the shallot sets can be harvested as green onions when they are ¼ inch in diameter, or when the tops naturally die back and brown, for more mature shallots. If you decide to wait, reduce the watering schedule a few weeks prior to allow the bulb to form a protective skin.

Find our Allium Growing Guide here!

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