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Indigo - Japanese Indigo

Polygonum tinctorium.

The preferred variety for dye. A tender annual, indigo thrives in fertile soil and likes heat and humidity. When the  plants have grown 1' - 2' tall and bruised leaves turn navy blue, they are ready for a first harvest. If you cut the stems several nodes up from the ground, they will re-sprout and you can harvest regrowth, perhaps several times more. Best started indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost, transplanted out on 1ft centers and kept moist.

Plan ahead and prepare the dye bath the same day as the harvest. Soaking the seed for 24 hours increases germination success. Annual.

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Seed Spacing Seed Depth Days to Sprout Mature Spacing Days to Harvest Approx. Seeds
n/a 1/4" 7-21 12" 100 60