Location: Our farm is located in Barnardsville NC

Farm Size: We are a 16 Acre farm with currently only 2 acres in production.

Favorite Seed Crops: My favorite seed crop is corn. I love how much diversity can be in just one species plants, from tiny pencil size cobs to ones that push past a foot in length a every color and pattern imaginable.

About: Michael and Lauren of Rayburn Farm have been seed growers for Sow True Seed since 2015. They love growing corn, beans, and okra for seed and working with Sow True to trial seed varieties adapted to Southern Appalachia. When not growing seed, the Rayburns supply Asheville's breweries, bakers, and ice cream makers with unique and flavorful herbs, spices, and berries.

A tomato seed inspection at Rayburn Farms in Western North Carolina

Rayburn Farms - one of our seed growers in Western North Carolina


Article Written by: Angie Lavezzo

About the Author: Angie Lavezzo is the former general manager of Sow True Seed. Beyond her professional role at Sow True, Angie's passion for gardening extends into personal hands-on experience, fostering plants and reaping bountiful harvests.


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